Take a Deep Breath

In this day and age, our world became incredibly fast moving. Everywhere and always there are so many things, so much happening around you that it is hard to focus on the important things in life. We can’t even be a second without checking our phone, checking our emails, scrolling through Facebook, getting so much information at once. We believe that we would miss out on something. Do we really,… I guess not. In a way we think we miss out on news, disasters, the most recent products and even unimportant tweets of some celebrities. But why do we have this need to keep up with everything around us? We should all slow down, focus on the important and move on. That is easier said than done.

I personally have the problem, that I waste my whole day watching YouTube videos. But literally, I waste all day, refreshing my subscriptions, I know at what time my favourite Let’s Player uploads a new video of like 40 minutes. By the time I finish the video, there are two more already waiting for me in my subscription box. It’s a doom loop. I can never catch up. When I do, I didn’t achieve anything. And I’m serious, for real, I spend the day in bed from 8am to 10pm. Whatever I set up for the day totally went downhill.

This is where the thought of “taking a deep breath” comes in. You must be thinking, this doesn’t make sense. When I already wasted my time by not doing anything productive, getting overwhelmed with news and social media updates how am I supposed to slow down. I can’t even keep up now. But here is the deal:

Consider this, by taking a breath, just focusing on the moment for a minute it will come clear what matters to you. It’s meant to clear your thoughts. Get rid off everything useless. Now work out one goal you have, big or small and break it down into baby steps; what actions do you need to do to achieve these things. Write them down and create an action plan.

I actually want to get more in detail about goal setting and being more productive, but that could be a whole blog post in itself. Stay tuned for it.

Please feel free to drop your experiences in the comments below or to hit me up on social media. I’d love to chat with you.

Cheerio, Svenja