One Small Step to Minimalism

You all must be expecting some big purge of some huge area in my life. It’s not that. I’ve been going through the decluttering process for the past year and it’s a journey and nothing anyone could accomplish in a day. Since this is my first post on minimalism I give you a little background story.

I guess it all started because I discovered a video on minimalism by Rachel Aust. If you don’t know her yet, check out her channel she is such an inspiration. It must have been a video on how to cull your wardrobe or something similar that got me thinking. And from that day on I kept watching decluttering videos, videos on how to get rid off things and how to simplify your life. I went through a lot of things, it took me multiple months and it’s been a journey itself. I went through my clothes, stationary, books, sentimental items and everything else I own a few times already. For I while I was happy with what I accomplished.

My mindset really started to change when I came back from Australia in March 2016. I got back from visiting my boyfriend, I was gone for 2 months and when I walked into my room back in Germany, it hit me. I don’t need all this crap. I didn’t miss any of this. I didn’t even know I owned that many things. These thoughts came up with almost everything I didn’t take with me to Australia.

Because I wasn’t planning to move to Australia straight away I didn’t take action just that moment. It took me a few months. Now, I’m finally here, that I want to be honest with myself and only want to keep what I want to take with me when I move in April this year. I want to travel as light as possible and only keep the things around me that I love and truely need.

I recently applied this thought to one area in my life. I’ve been collecting birthday, Christmas (and other events) cards since I can remember. I had a huge paper box full of cards from my family, friends and people. I’ve been blindly adding the recent Christmas and birthday cards to the other stash, never considering if any of these mean anything to me. I went with the following mindset into the decluttering process: Do I love the person who gave this card to me? Is this cards especially pretty and makes me happy when I see it? Maybe the person passed away who gave me this birthday card and it’s a special memory.

Declutter Cards Before

With these guidelines I went through all letters and cards. Now I know what cards I own and why they are important to me. I kept a card in which my grandma signed. My very first Christmas card I got from my aunt and uncle back in 1995. A birthday letter that I got for my 16th birthday while I was in Australia. I went from having about 100 cards to having a handful. Before, I wasn’t able to tell you what was in that box. Now I love and appreciate every card.

Declutter Cards After

It’s just one of the tiniest steps towards a simpler life. But there will be a huge development after each and every small step you take on your journey.

I hope this helped you and I will update you soon!

Cheerio, Svenja